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timr Windows Phone App Update 1.1.0

on June 5th, 2012

We've released a new update to our timr Windows Phone App. As with our last iOS and Android updates, the most important improvement is the synchronization optimization. Synchronizing with the timr web Application is now about 10 times faster on an average (except the very first start of the new App).  Further improvements: - Windows Phone Mango Update - Bugfixes

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timr iOS5.1 Bugfix version released

on March 13th, 2012

We're glad to announce that the timr iOS App 1.5.28 was finally approved by Apple, you can now update it from the App Store and it can also be found here We're really sorry for any inconveniences this might has caused you. Again, we have to say that the problem was that Apple refused to approve this update since more than 3 weeks due to IAP compliances and other stuff even if we already begged them to approve it due to this iOS5.1 issue. Sure, the Apple App Store has some real advantages compared to it's counterpa...

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New timr Features – Prevent users from editing start/end time

on March 12th, 2012

Today we've launched our timr version 2.11.11 with 1 new feature and several improvements. A) Prevent Users from editing their start/end time Until now, employees had been able to edit their start/end time as well as break time with timr. Changes were already tracked via the "Changed" flag which indicates that the employee changed the start/end time when the time entry was created. This is a very convenient way of time tracking for both, employees and enterprises because the employee can als...

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Buttons missing on iOS 5.1

on March 8th, 2012

The version of timr that is currently available in den App Store does not work on iOS 5.1 - the buttons are missing. We have been aware of this issue for about a month and we submitted a new version to the App Store that fixes this problem three weeks ago. Unfortunately Apple did not approve the version and we are discussing for days now about links, account creation, payment and other stuff. If you are using timr on your iPhone please do not update to ...

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timr BlackBerry client Beta

on January 16th, 2012

We are glad that our new timr BlackBerry client made it to the Beta state and we are looking for timr users who want to test it. If you are interested please contact us via The new version includes a completely revamped UI with improved support for touch screen BlackBerry devices, reporting for all types of recordings and many other improvements.

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